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2019 Jericho Prayer Movement Crescendo

The "Mnistry of the Shofar" opened the windows of heaven making way for His presence.
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NDP Photo 9918

Annual Observance: U.S. Capitol Grounds
Thursday, May 2, 2019

2019 Theme: "Love One Another"

NDP Photo 2740
Click here for CRNDP 2019 report, photos and reflections!

CRNDP 2019 was a day like none other. Learning and Discerning set this day apart from previous gatherings of this fashion. God divinely orchestrated the ministry flow of the day in a way that displayed His sovereignty, wisdom and power to captivate our attention. This was to bring us (collectively/corporately) to a place of learning and discerning the prophetic symbolism and significance of what God did in our midst - in order to make strategic future applications. The testimonies are overwhelming of God's manifested and abiding presence with us in every wave of worship and prayer:

Click here for Dr. Boone's 84th Birthday Celebration

Click here for Joy Night 2018 Report with Reflections

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Click here for October 2018 Jericho Prayer Movement Photos

Jerico Prayer Movement 2017

This year's theme was "Moving Forward !!! An indelible impact in the earth."

JPM Photo 74472017 Jericho Prayer Movement Crescendo

The event brought to mind what my Professor of Military Science & Tactics (PMST) said to us Cadets we fretted about having to participate in a scheduled parade, "It rains on the Army, not in the Army." Saturday's program proceeded as if there were no rain. Though the rain was pouring, one got the feeling that we barely knew it was falling! The demeanor and tenacity with which the youth were postured to receive -- they appeared focused, sincere, open, and serious about receiving & absorbing what was directed at them. . . . Click here for more photos and reflections.

International Prayer Room Online

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That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving and declare all Your wonders.
(Psalm 26:7)

Spread the Good News by taking part in the International Prayer Room Online! Enter one of the many Prayer Rooms yourself or with your Prayer Group. Register and select a day of the week and a time of day. Help us publicize the International Prayer Room by printing and distributing the brochure below.

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Pastor's Prayer Conference Call

A voice from the national capital area

The International Christian Host Coalition (ICHC) is a collaboration of ministries in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region. Excerpts, a short portion, of each Friday morning conference call is documented. Pastors submit their reflections of key points of the call as led by the Holy Spirit.

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Please meditate and pray about what they have said.
Your own reflections are most welcome.

Capital Region National Day of Prayer 2017

Pastors/Leaders led the general assembly of the Capital Region National Day of Prayer with arms linked as a symbol of leadership unity while singing "Bind Us Together". They declared: there is only one God, there is only one King, there is one body, that is why we pray.

Bind Us Together
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I pray that everyone who attended the Capital Region observance of the National Day of Prayer had a spirit-filled and uplifting experience.


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Washington DC Metro Area Local Event Annual movement of worshipful prayer...occurring consistently since 1984

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Prayer is for such a time as this, coupled with enduring faith...the committing of all things into God’s hands. We affirm our commitment to the movement of on-going worshipful prayer.

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Pastors / Ministry Leaders connecting the 1st Wed. of every month for worshipful prayer; An International hub of ministry gifts, building Kingdom relationships for Kingdom purposes since 1987

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Connecting with Youth Pastors/Leaders/Ministries of like spiritual minds. Building biblical relationships: authentic and trustworthy

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Revelation & Inspiration

Pastors and Leaders Conference Call: Every Fri. Morning 6:30am – 7:30 am

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Please consider partnering with us. And thank you for your faithful support. You are loved and appreciated

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Excerpts, a short portion, of each Friday morning conference call is documented here.

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The International Prayer Room provides an open door to enter and find a place of inspiration, encouragement and mind-renewing for these turbulent times.

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