Coming to the Capitol

Coming by Tour Bus
Coming by Tour Bus

Coming by Metro from Union Station
Coming by Metro from Union Station
Coming by Trolley Car
Coming by Trolley Car
Girls coming
Girls coming
Young people coming
Young people coming
Boys coming
Boys coming
Adults coming
Adults coming
Coming on foot
Coming on foot
Coming to the US Capitol
Coming to the US Capitol


They come from afar.

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Pre-Gathering Experience

A place where old friends meet.

Hearts are bound together through worshipful prayer and clarity of purpose and direction.

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A place where new friends are found.

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Leaving the Pre-Gathering

Emerging with a unified spirit having been drawn closer together unto Him and one another. We are prepared to minister in the power of agreement to all assembled on the west Capitol lawn.

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Worshipful Praise

Yes, the hour has come . . .
            The search is on . . .
                        The father is seaking true worshipers
                                    trained by the Holy Spirit to
                                                worship in spirit and in truth.

We release our praises . We aim it in God's direction and when the arrow of praise strikes the heart of God the richness of God's grace is poured out upon our nation.

Choir singing Choir singing with Capitol in the background Choir singing

Lift Up Your Hands!
      "We lift up our hands and bless the Lord" (Ps. 134:1-2)

"Clap your hands O ye People"
      We respond by clapping our hands.

It's a privilege and responsibility to pray everywhere and at all times
      "lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting" (1 Tim 2:8)

The desire of God is praise. We respond for God asks His people to give Him that which excites Him for God rejoyces over that which is expressed out of a pure heart. It is a sweet smell in His nostrils.

Praising the LORD Praising the LORD Praising the LORD
Praising the LORD Praising the LORD Praising the LORD

Objects of Worship

The ministry of banner and flag bearing before the Lord.

We lift objects of worship, praise and bible truths, by faith, into the heavenlies. The way is prepared and open for the King of Glory to come in and the Lord occupies. Our Lord inhabits the praises of His people and causes the enemy to flee. Thus the strong presence of the Lord is established in our land.

Liturgical Dancing
Crown Him with many crowns
Crown Him with many crowns
Liturgical dancing

Effectual Fervernt Prayers

Declaring faith in the power of prayer.

We bring together a multi-national, multi-denimination, cross-generation of believers to pray. We use the freedom to publically gather at the highest seat of government. We honor the only corporate prayer day sactioned by congress. Manifesting the power of prayer corporateness supercedes denominations, culture and political agendas.

Praying in circles Young people praying in circles Adults praying in circles
Young people praying in circles Students praying in circles Praying in circles

United as One

God's focus for our nation is the advancement of His kingdom. Therefore, we respond to Him by coming together to repent, worship, seek His face and to proclaim His word. As believers, moved by His Spirit, hungering for Him, we become repairers of the breach. Since 1985, God has responded to us with His presence at the Capital Region National Day of Prayer.

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