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Capital Region NDP Ongoing Youth Movement

God's Way of Success -- addressing the mindset of urban youth

The BOSS Movement (Building on Spiritual Substance) is moving forward relationally in the Capital Region.

Pastors want to reach the youth in their church and communities. Many youth are fatherless and natural fodder for urban gangs. The church has to address the new mind-set among urban children. The Capital Region National Day of Prayer Youth Movement is designed to cause change in the behavor of our youth as it relates to discipline, personal development, character and leadership. "If you harken diligently unto God's voice, blessing shall overtake you." (Deut. 28:1-2)


NDP 2008 Photo 573
Visionaries of the BOSS Movement, Al and Hattie Hollingsworth. along with its Regional Director Denise McDowell and Dr. Corinthia Boone, Senior Advisor for BOSS in the Capital Region.

Activate — Motivate

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  • The purpose is to activate and motovate youth. We are activating a generation of youth that are unshakable and committed to Christ.

  • The vision is to assist youth ministries to be focused and vibrant so they can disciple other students for Christ thus transforming society.

  • The mission is to encourage youth ministries to initiate, facilitate and sustain a movement of youth and young adults for evangelism and discipleship endeavors.

BOSS The Movement

The Capital Region National Day of Prayer Youth Movement brings together graduates of the "Boss Movement" with its visionary Al Hollingsworth to minister and lead in prayer on the west lawn of the Capitol. Other local and national youth movements also participate creating an atmosphere of harmony and unity which brings glory to God.

BOSS is an acronym for "building on spiritual substance." The mission of BOSS The Movement is to teach the relevance of God and His Word in meeting one’s need for success; and to economically empower youth through the development of their talents. A 20-week training session is designed to prevent youth from succumbing to the sense of powerlessness so prevelent in inner cities.

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