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ICHC presents Youth Voice

ICHC is responding to a cultural change. We feel called anew through a collaborative effort with other organizations of like mind and spirit, to connect with, reach and walk with the Now-Generation of youth in such a way that they can come into an awareness and experience of their Sovereign purpose in God through Jesus Christ, and to have a relevant Kingdom impact on the world in their generation. God's plan is always to raise up a new generation of world changers that lifts up their voice to represent Him. A cultural shift has occurred. The youth and the church are in two different places. Our focus is to bridge the gap. We have not passed this way before ... Joshua 3:4 AMP

Vision: Vulnerable communities are positively impacted through Youth and Adult Partnerships

Mission: Empower youth to know how to effectively apply their faith to daily life and to affect positive change in the World through their voice.

Goals: Create environments for:

  • Youth to better understand and grow in faith
  • Youth to genuinely encounter God
  • Youth to learn how to develop, relate and apply their faith to daily life and to the world
  • Youth to practice using their voice to affect positive change
  • Adults to nurture, support and partner with youth in the application of their faith to positive change
  • Adults to practice facilitating the following needs. Youth need advocates, guides, experiences and challenges

11/04/2015 Youth Voice Presentation click here to download

Click here to download more information. click here to download

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